Eat Well – Feel Well – Work Well

Dietitians Week in the UK is coming soon (6th to 10th June). This year the initiative led by the British Dietetic Association is focusing on being well at work*, so are you WorkReady when it comes to food and drink?

We are what we eat. So, the food and drink choices we make not only enhance our long term health but also help us feel and function well at work. We all have good and bad days but what we eat and when we eat it can influence our mood,
energy levels, concentration and even how we deal with stress. You can use the Eatwell guide  for information on what variety and balance of foods to select when taking to or buying at work.

When at work, your food and drink might look like this:

Breakfast – a  bowl of breakfast cereal with a banana and a cup of tea or coffee

Mid-morning snack – nuts and dried fruit with a glass
of water or cup of coffee

Lunch – Sandwiches or jacket potato with beans or pasta salad with a fruit yoghurt and a hot or cold drink

Mid-afternoon snack – Fruit or wholemeal pitta with a
healthy dip and a cup of tea

This meal & drink plan would need to be adjusted for those on longer working days, on shift work and or working in warm environments.

CarolMattaNutrition can advise individuals and  workplaces on improving their health at work.

This information has been adapted from the BDA’s Dietitian’s Week fact sheet WorkReady Eat Well, Feel Well. 


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