Here are some examples of work undertaken and completed by Carol Matta.

Nutrition to promote well-being
Carol Matta has worked with individuals and communities providing information, advice and guidance on promoting positive well-being and health direct to individuals or via other health and education practictioners. Between 1989 to 1998 she worked as a community or public health dietitian in Cornwall’s NHS health promotion service with schools, workplaces, caterers and GP surgeries. From 1998 – 2003 Carol Matta led the co-ordination of five annual national food and health campaigns for the British Dietetic Association promoting the health related benefits of eating five or more portions of fruit and vegetables everyday (Give Me 5 campaign) and the benefits of maintaining a healthy body weight (Weight Wise). In 2010 Carol Matta wrote the Cool Food Big Book a non-fiction nutrition resource for KS1 children – a resource distributed to all primary schools in the UK by Iceland Foods. From 2003 to 2014 she has managed some Sure Start Children’s Centres ensuring maternal and early childhood nutrition initiatives (Healthy Start, Food Fit for Families, breast-feeding peer support groups, the Healthy Child Programme, community cafes and food banks) have been delivered in some of the most deprived communities in the South West of England.
Looking after leaders is one of her areas of interest and she has recently had an article ‘Nourishing Leaders‘ published in the June edition of a specialist publication for leaders of Children’s Centres.

Weight management and obesity
Carol Matta has probably supported thousands of people to lose weight either through one to one advice as a Registered Dietitian (1984 – 2010) or through many of the weight management programmes or projects she has been involved in creating. Carol Matta produced materials for and trained practice nurses to deliver weight management groups (1989 – 98), co-ordinated the British Dietetic Association’s Weight Wise campaign (2001 – 2003) and helped set up this campaign’s website with funding from the Department of Health.
More recently she has written a strategy for a Sure Start Children’s Centre to contribute to the reduction of childhood obesity in a community – with the strategy including preventative advice, family learning opportunities, access to physical activity and referral to specialist advice.

Early Childhood Nutrition

Carol Matta is currently involved in the review of a resource for parents on promoting the transition on infant feeding from bottle to cup. This is being undertaken through the Public Health Nutrition Group of the British Dietetic Association.

Food Information for Consumers

In the Autumn of 2014, Carol Matta provided technical expertise to two food businesses (Cornwall Foods & MITIE Healthcare) supporting them with food allergen labelling and nutrition analysis of around 300 dishes to comply with new EU FIC legislation.IMAG0764-1

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